The Best Of... (CD/DVD) CD

18 of the best Atreyu songs featuring "Lip Gloss and Black, "Right Side of the Bed," and "Ex's and Oh's." Also includes a bonus DVD with six Atreyu music videos.

Atreyu has risen to be the reigning champions of hard rock for our new millennium. The Best Of Atreyu celebrates the band's rise to stardom and gives new fans the opportunity to hear everything that this groundbreaking band has given the world.

Release Date: January 1, 2007
Price: $9.98
Atreyu The Best Of... (CD/DVD) CD comes with instant* digital download.
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1 Lip Gloss And Black
2 Ain't Love Grand
3 Living Each Day Like You're Already Dead
4 A Song For The Optimists
5 Deanne The Arsonist
6 Tulips Are Better
7 Someone's Standing On My Chest
8 Bleeding Mascara
9 Right Side Of The Bed
10 You Eclipsed By Me
11 The Crimson
12 Demonology And Heartache
13 My Sanity On The Funeral Pyre
14 Creature
15 Untitled Finale
16 Ex's And Oh's
17 Shameful
18 The Theft
19 [DVD] 'Aint Love Grand (Music Video)
20 [DVD] Lip Gloss And Black (Music Video)
20 [DVD] The Crimson (Music Video)
21 [DVD] Right Side Of The Bed (Music Video)
22 [DVD] Ex's And Oh's (Music Video)
23 [DVD] The Theft (Music Video)
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