Streetlight Manifesto

Keasbey Nights CD

Originally released in March of 1998 by New Jersey heroes CATCH 22, the first recording of Keasbey Nights was hailed as an instant ska classic for its revolutionary combination of upbeat reggae and ska style fused with the much faster, harder edges of punk. A desire for expansion and to push musical boundaries even further led ska visionary Tomas Kalnoky, founding member of CATCH 22 and the primary writer of Keasbey Nights, to form ska supergroup STREETLIGHT MANIFESTO in 1999. Now, STREETLIGHT MANIFESTO is ready to present the classic Keasbey Nights to the world again. Keasbey Nights is a revolutionary message to ska fans throughout the world, and will assume its rightful position as a collector's item for any ska fan.

Release Date: March 7, 2006
Price: $9.98
Streetlight Manifesto Keasbey Nights CD comes with instant* digital download.
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1 Dear Sergio
2 Sick And Sad
3 Keasbey Nights
4 Day In Day Out
5 Walking Away
6 Giving Up Giving In
7 On & On & On
8 Riding The Fourth Wave
9 This One Goes Out To...
10 Supernothing
11 9mm In A Three Piece Suit
12 Kristina She Dont Know I Exist
13 As The Footsteps Die Out Forever
14 12341234
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