Days Like These

Inventure CD

Days Like These signature style is uncovered on their second album, Inventure. Inventure focuses the process of discovery and triumph through twelve dramatic big rock songs. Their multi-part, well-crafted arrangements present Days Like These with a fresh voice fronting musicianship and melody over a wold-beat. For listeners, Inventure builds a music machine that is an invention and a venture into gateway signs. Carrying a mission born of vision, the message of Days Like These is open your ears, open your eyes, open your mind.
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1 Control Freak
2 The Threat of a Good Example
3 Help Wanted
4 Somehow Saturn
5 Caution
6 Justify
7 Generation RX
8 Like Bombs
9 Charmed
10 The Queen
11 Welcome Home
12 99 Cent Dreams
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