Dance Gavin Dance

Downtown Battle Mountain CD

The epic debut full length from Dance Gavin Dance will exceed expectations. Following up their brilliant EP “whatever I say is royal ocean”, DGD stepped up to the plate. Their 2 singer combo collide to create something all their own. They create a sound that is very difficult to classify. They mix elements of various genres including: screamo, r&b, hardcore, indie, jazz, and alternative rock. They are comparable to such acts as: Circa Survive, Fear Before the March of Flames, the Blood Brothers, Alexisonfire, and Chiodos.
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1 Untitled
2 And I Told Them I Invited Times New Roman
3 It's Safe to Say You Dig the Backseat
4 Strawberry Andre
5 Lemon Meringue Tie
6 The Backwards Pumpkin Song
7 Antlion
8 Turn Off the Lights, I'm Watching Back to the Future
9 Open Your Eyes and Look North
10 Surprise! I'm From Cuba, Everyone Has One Brain
11 12 Hours, 630 Miles
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