I hope you’re ready to rage, because the party starts on Friday and it won’t end until the sun rises on Monday morning. Providing the soundtrack for it all is the release from SECRET LIVES! OF THE FREEMASONS. Their record, Weekend Warriors, is sure to get the neighbors complaining. SECRET LIVES! OF THE FREEMASONS have already had an impressive track record thanks to their constant touring and connection with their fans. Their super hook-driven pop-rock is exactly what fans of Taking Back Sunday, Fall Out Boy and Head Automatica are looking for. Like your favorite coming-of-age house party movie from the 80s, Weekend Warriors takes the highs and lows of life and crafts them into the dance-rock album of the year.

Price: $9.98
Secret Lives of the Freemasons Weekend Warriors CD comes with instant* digital download.
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1 Chug and Leave
2 Mascara
3 Dirty Laundry
4 The New Whack
5 Feels Like Home
6 Why We Run
7 Airplanes
8 There's Wolves Out There
9 Painting Monsters
10 The Death Of...
11 Xanax
12 Life Begins At 40oz.
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