The Diseased And The Poisoned CD


Covering the obscene and praising the perverse, extreme Death Metal still reigns as a driving force that continues to devour all other forms of hard rock. But with every movement, there must be a leader that carries the torch into battle. Leading the pack is CARNIFEX. Armed to the teeth with an arsenal of blast-beats, machine gun riffs and vocals exorcised from the deepest pits of hell, CARNIFEX is prepared to lead legions into battle and slaughter the opposition in the process.

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Carnifex The Diseased And The Poisoned CD comes with instant* digital download.
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1. Suffering
2. In Coalesece With Filth And Faith
3. The Nature Of Depravity
4. Adornment Of The Sickened
5. Innocence Died Screaming
6. The Diseased And The Poisoned
7. To My Dead And Dark Dreams
8. Sadistic Embrace
9. Answers In Mourning
10. Aortic Dissection
11. Among Grim Shadows
12. Enthroned In Isolation
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