Live At The Bayside Social Club CD


There is one fact that is very clear about BAYSIDE… the band is a LIVE band. If you are a fan of passionate rock, you must experience them in concert. To coincide with the release of their new full length record, Shudder, BAYSIDE proudly present you with Live At The Bayside Social Club. Hear all of their greatest hits live and in concert and hear first hand why this band has legions of fans across the country that continue to grow with each release. Live At The Bayside Social Club will be another piece of history in the BAYSIDE legacy.

Price: $9.98
Bayside Live At The Bayside Social Club CD comes with instant* digital download.
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1. They're Not Horses, They're Unicorns
2. Blame It On Bad Luck
3. Duality
4. Masterpiece
5. Carry On
6. The Walking Wounded
7. Montauk
8. Dear Your Holiness
9. Don't Call Me Peanut
10. I And I
11. They Looked Like Strong Hands
12. Hello Shitty
13. Devotion And Desire
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