Arise and Ruin

Night Storms Hailfire CD

ARISE AND RUIN have returned and are prepared to obliterate everything that stands in their way. These metal warriors from the icy north went into the studio this fall knowing they needed to record an album that would lead the legions of true metal fans into the battlefield. The result, Night Storms the Hailfire, an album that will punish and downright frighten anyone who has been spoon-fed the watered down “metal” that has been dished out the last few years by the competition.

Price: $9.98
Arise and Ruin Night Storms Hailfire CD comes with instant* digital download.
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1 Forever Damned Watch Video
2 Bring the Rain
3 Doom Sentence
4 Thrashburn
5 A Heavy Dose
6 In Death
7 The Aftermath
8 Brothers In Arms
9 Night Storms Hailfire
10 This Is War
11 The Long Haul
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