Chase Long Beach

Gravity Is What You Make It CD

There aren't many bands out there creating the magic that CHASE LONG BEACH has been crafting for the last five years, and the best part is, CHASE LONG BEACH are just getting started. While the rest of the world may still be hanging on to the Ska records of their older brothers and sisters, CHASE LONG BEACH are leading a brigade of bands and fans into the next wave of the Ska-punk sound.

Price: $9.98
Chase Long Beach Gravity Is What You Make It CD comes with instant* digital download.
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1 Pall Mall Price Crisis Watch Video
2 Joe Vs The Cricket
3 We've Got Pockets Like Nobody's Business Watch Video
4 That's No Moon, It's A Space Station
5 A Dimond Bullet To The Brain (Featuring Kevin Gunther)
6 Bad Habit
7 Swing In C
8 The Beginning
9 Where's My Time Stick Watch Video
10 Useless (Featuring Aaron Barrett)
11 The End
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