ATAVIST (Deluxe Edition) CD & DVD CD


Deluxe Edition features:

• ATAVIST  - Deluxe CD & DVD
• Die-Cut Ocard
• Digi Pack with exclusive artwork
• Decipher Wheel
• A Fold out Poster
• 104 Page book
 - Maledictions (A Short Story By OTEP)
 - In-Studio Photos
 - Expanded Artwork
 - Lyrics
 - Fan Submissions

Price: $16.98
Otep ATAVIST (Deluxe Edition) CD & DVD CD comes with instant* digital download.
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1. Atavist Animus
2. Atom To Adam
3. Drunk On The Blood Of Saints
4. Remember To Forget
5. Skin Of The Master
6. We Dream Like Lions
7. I, Alone
8. Baby's Breath Video
9. Fists Fall Video
10. Stay
11. Bible Belt
12. Not To Touch The Earth (Doors Cover)
1. (DVD) Baby's Breath (A Short Film)
2. (DVD) Spiritual Intercourse (Inside The Mind Of Otep Shamaya)
3. (DVD) Alchemy & Atavism
4. (DVD) Smash The Control Machine (Music Video) Video
5. (DVD) Rise, Rebel, Resist (Music Video)
6. (DVD) Run For Cover (Music Video)
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