Sister Sin

Dance Of The Wicked CD

Don't miss out on the re-release of Sister Sin's first album "Dance of the Wicked!"

It includes all 8 original tracks off the original "Dance of the Wicked" released in 2003, 3 unreleased bonus demo tracks, 2 bonus songs (1 featuring Doro), all new artwork in a digipack, and a full color fold out gig poster. 

Also included is a DVD with all Sister Sin music videos plus additional bonus features.   
Price: $9.98
Sister Sin Dance Of The Wicked CD comes with instant* digital download.
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1 Kiss The Sky
2 Dance Of The Wicked
3 Fall Into My Dreams
4 End Of The Beginning
5 Love Lies
6 Dirty Damn I
7 Paint It Black
8 Tragedy Loves Company
9 Minor You (Major Me)
10 Writings On The Wall
11 Head Over Heels For Love
12 Rock 'N Roll (Feat. Doro Pesch)

My favorite sister sin album. So raw. So real. This band is the real deal