Forever After Nothing CD


A18 has taken everything that made late 1980s hardcore special and added new depth to it. Each song is a testament to a life long struggle of personal growth and self-acceptance. Always focusing their own trials and tribulations to on creating a positive outlet for their pain, the message of A18 is not to wallow, but to face your problems head on and never give in to obstacles. Within any movement, a goal must be set and only through steadfast conviction, can it be attained. A18's message is not new, but their approach will breath life into a cause thought dead. Five individuals bound together to collectively strive towards their vision of a substance free world. A18's means is particularly refreshing in this musical climate, so noticeably void of any message or commitment. The stage has been set for a new generation to rise up against the ambivalence that has invaded the underground.

Release Date: February 25, 2003

Price: $9.98
A18 Forever After Nothing CD comes with instant* digital download.
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1. Dig Video
2. Broke The Blue Video
3. Public Apology
4. Three Times Sold
5. With Kind Regards
6. This Years Enemy
7. Things I Don‘t Believe/Where I Left Off
8. Scars Upon Scars
9. In Droves
10. Bury Me Breathing
11. Hara Kiri
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