Between The Buried And Me

The Silent Circus (Re-Issue) CD

Bonus DVD includes live performances, music videos and interviews!

BETWEEN THE BURIED AND ME is a monolith. They are a force of nature that balances the organic and serene with the savage and uninhibited. From break-neck hardcore and death metal to a fusion of complicated progressive rock to lush shoe-gazing ambience, this band has become one of the most celebrated bands of the metal and hardcore underworld... It is within the confines of this humble record, The Silent Circus that we really catch a glimpse at the genius and potential of the band. Its the middle ground of their career; the cocoon stage of their metamorphosis that started with their chaotic progressive hardcore self titled debut in 2002 up to 2005's breakthrough masterpiece, Alaska.

Release Date: October 3, 2006
Price: $9.98
Between The Buried And Me The Silent Circus (Re-Issue) CD comes with instant* digital download.
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1 Lost Perfection a) Coulrophobia
2 b) Anablephobia
3 Camilla Rhodes
4 Mordecai
5 Reaction
6 (Shevanel Take 2)
7 Ad a dglgmut
8 Destructo Spin
9 Aesthetic
10 The Need For Repetition
1 Lost Perfection a) Coulrophobia (LIVE)
2 Lost Perfection Anablephobia (LIVE)
3 Mordecai (LIVE)
4 All Bodies (LIVE)
5 Roboturner (LIVE)
6 Alaska (LIVE)
7 Metal Injection Interview
8 Mordecai (Music Video)
9 Bonus Music Videos
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