The Embarassing Beginning CD


Anthemic bursts of blended hardcore, rock, metal, pop and punk that burn with frustration, anger, love and self-pity, delivered with the intent of bringing you up, not dragging you down. The Triumph & Tragedy EP, plus Bonus Tracks all on one neatly packaged CD!

Release Date: November 21, 2000

Price: $9.98
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1. Cripple
2. Punk Rock Song
3. Impulse
4. HairDie
5. Digga Digga Song
6. Classified
7. Instrumental
8. Entangled
9. Afterthought (Demo)
10. The Tension Between Stillness and Motion (Demo)
11. Triumph and Tragedy (Acoustic Version)
12. Stolen Bikes Ride Faster
13. Panama
14. A Year In The Past (Radio Version)
15. Seamless (Acoustic Version)
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