Sinai Beach

Immersed CD


SINAI BEACH brings a sonic brew that incorporates the best of metal's past, present, and future combined with a hardcore scene-bred work ethic and undeniably heartfelt spiritual conviction. Their Victory Records debut Immersed, will take the world by storm, bringing with it a melodic but savage sensibility. Immersed is a metalcore album as it has never been done before: intense, provocative, and fully realized.

Release Date: April 19, 2005

Price: $9.98
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1. Apocalypse (Instrumental)
2. Obedience Through Desecration
3. The God I Would Be
4. Necessary Bloodshed
5. To The Church Video
6. Return To Dust
7. His Chosen Fate
8. The Stagnate
9. Distressor (Instrumental)
10. The Serpent‘s Letter
11. Hell Blaze
12. Ignoring The Conditional Response
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