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Dead And Dreaming - A Tribute To The Counting Crows CD


THE VINYL SUMMER PRESENTS: "DEAD AND DREAMING" AN INDIE TRIBUTE TO COUNTING CROWS: Since "August and Everything After" was released in 1993, the Counting Crows have not only become a household name around the world but a staple to music-makers everywhere. The bands featured may not sound like the Counting Crows, and their covers may not mirror what the original writers had to offer, but they show something much deeper - that some music can transcend any genre boundary. Among the bands features are Between The Buried And Me, Punchline, Hidden In Plain View, Bayside, and The Junior Varsity.

Release Date: November 24, 2004

Price: $9.98
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1. Rydia - Angels Of Silence
2. The Rocket Summer - High life
3. Number One Fan - Holiday In Spain
4. Between The Buried And Me - Colorblind
5. Boys Night Out - Walkaways
6. Punchline - Round Here
7. Houston Calls - Einstein On A Beach
8. Hidden In Plain View - Mr. Jones
9. Bayside - A Long December
10. The Junior Varsity - Raining In Baltimore
11. The International Language - Rain King
12. As Tall As Lions - Children In Bloom
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