Over It

Timing is Everything CD

"Timing Is Everything" explodes as OVER IT (Alexandria, VA) lights up eleven songs of love and longing. "Timing Is Everything" charges through the complete morphing of punks styles into popular culture. The sound of "Timing Is Everything" is complex and refreshing. Tuneful vocals overlay interactive guitars, graphic bass and chip speed drums. "Timing Is Everything" is the step before tomorrow, the point of decision on where it will all go. And because of this there is a quickness of mind about the music. In the moment of "Timing Is Everything" time expands and contracts to bring feeling into focus. From that moment of song, we move on. OVER IT offers their portion of musical truth as a punk rock play for the service of young hearts and minds. OVER IT changes the speed of time.
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1 Limiter
2 Wrong Way
3 Serial Kisser
4 Fall
5 Nothing Serious
6 Things You Never Knew Existed
7 Thrill Seeker
8 Worry Bomb
9 Cross-Tolerance
10 Chasing a Constellation
11 Crush
12 Weightless
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