No Signal CD

"No Signal" is the first album from PARK (Springfield, IL). PARK's music is formed two by two, Ladd and Justin started the band and then found Timmy and Miles to install the bass and rhythm. "No Signal" is the moment of looking, an instant before the storm, not seen but sensed. Here the reception is most vivid but the meaning is most waiting. Their rock is a strong search in the night for those stars that shine from the beginning. American to the root, large and honest, PARK echoes the aloneness of a person looking for life lost in a vast territory of the heart. The music of PARK enters into us as an elemental force, it is rock and punk and alternative reflected in a misted mirror.
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1 The Ghost You Are
2 Trivet
3 S Is For Susan
4 At Breakneck Speed
5 Swell
6 Know Your Enemy
7 Clue Me In
8 Wreck Simple
9 Here On And Out
10 Cover Up
11 Bonus Track
12 Bonus Track
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