It Dies Today

Forever Scorned CD

Their 2004 debut full length album, The Caitiff Choir, earned praise from critics and a rampant devotion from fans that transcends the world of genres. The rerelease of Forever Scorned takes fans to the root of the evil that is IT DIES TODAY. It is the only other record available from the band, and takes hardcore and metal back to the day when IT DIES TODAY first breathed new life into melodic hardcore. IT DIES TODAY is a band that has sold over 40,000 albums and sold out two national headlining tours, and Forever Scorned is the ultimate in pure and righteous IT DIES TODAY style
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1 Sentiments of You
2 Bridges Left Burning
3 The Requiem for Broken Hearts
4 Forever Scorned
5 Blood Stained Bed Sheet Burden
6 A Romance by the Wings of Icarus
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