The Return of Jacques de Molay CD

Templars Return of Jaques De Molay and Phase Two: The two records are the records that put the Templars on the map as a top notch international Oi! band. Previously releasesd and now out of print by a DIY label and available only in Europe, these two records have fueled the legendary Templars sound. Recorded at Acre studios in NYC, Return of Jaques De Molay and Phase Two marked the beginning of the new sound the Templars brought to street rock. Karl Fritzchers' guitar ingenuity, Grandmaster Phil Templars' drumming platform and the song writing of Perry Templar combine to form a recorded sound that hits you like a medival battering ram. These two legendary records have finally found the distribution that they deserve and will further add the the Templars status as leaders of the American street rock movement.
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1 The Templars
2 The Sixties Are Over
3 New York
4 I Believe In Myself
5 Stand Up...Speak Out
6 Those Who Build This Country
7 Sirens
8 Skinheads Rule OK
9 Pride
10 The City
11 Our Generation
12 The Waiting Is Over
13 This Is Not The First Song
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