Boston band The Blue Bloods were formed in 1998 with an agenda to create powerful, guitar driven punk music. The guys in the band grew up in Boston, and they were heavily influenced by the sounds from the many great punk bands that Boston has produced for the last 25 years. By July of 2002, The Blue Bloods had decided to sign with popular European Hardcore/Punk label, I Scream Records after a self released CD. In August, they went into The Outpost studio in Stoughton Mass, under the engineering guidance of the legendary Jim Siegel (Dropkick Murphy's, Slap Shot, Blood for Blood) they recorded their debut, self titled disc for release on GMM and I Scream Records.
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1 Intro
2 Twice as Strong
3 Day in and Day Out
4 Burning Bridges Light the Way
5 Kowalski
6 Nervous Wreck
7 02072
8 Empty Promises
9 Glue
10 Ties That Bind
11 Parting Shot
12 Backbone
13 I'm Going Down
14 More Things Change
15 Playing With Fire
16 Jaundice
17 Miles to Go
18 Nothing
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