Count The Stars

Never Be Taken Alive CD

COUNT THE STARS play cutting-edge rock & roll that is powerful and melodic, with a boisterous energy that comes from a genuine love for a life of music. Influenced by emo, punk and hardcore, they seamlessly incorporate harmony and aggression into a rambunctious mix that is universally appealing. The album was produced and recorded by Dave Cobb at Atlanta's Tree Studios (Elton John, Billy Corgan, Sevendust). With talent, charm and an amazing work ethic, COUNT THE STARS are a band that is on course for a great future.

Release Date: February 25, 2003
Price: $9.98
Count The Stars Never Be Taken Alive CD comes with instant* digital download.
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1 Brand New Skin
2 First Time
3 On The Way Home
4 Better Off Alone
5 Taking It All Back Watch Video
6 Understanding
7 The Difference
8 Right Behind Me
9 Pictures
10 My best Mistake (no more chances)
11 Saving Myself
12 Pick Yourself Up
13 All Good Things
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