Dead To Fall

Are You Serious? CD

The record Are You Serious? is a breath of fresh life in a dying scene. The album strays from an overplayed poetic outlook in exchange for a brutally honest viewpoint that is inspired by the band members’ real-life experiences. Intelligent songwriting, memorable melodic passages, and intensely abrasive heaviness have been mixed with a sense of fearless creativity and sarcasm that will have you asking yourself, Are You Serious? With each record, their music becomes more forward-thinking and imaginative. Their clever musical vision is complimented with their tongue-in-cheek lyrical concepts. Not only does Are You Serious? make a bold musical statement about the current state of heavy music, but it is the best collection of songs in their ten-year history. DEAD TO FALL fiercely reinforce the fact that metal empowers its listeners and encourages them to enjoy life.

Price: $9.98
Dead To Fall Are You Serious? CD comes with instant* digital download.
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1 IQ Test
2 Stupid?
3 The Future
4 Sleeping Bag
5 Major Rager Watch Video
6 Loch Ness
7 Brainmelter
8 Cropgrower
9 Robo-Destro
10 Doombox
11 Astral Projection / Dream J(ourney)
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