Beneath The Sky

The Day The Music Died CD

BENEATH THE SKY has enthusiastically introduced The Day The Music Died, their next opus in stylish melodic death metal.  The Day The Music Died continues with their formula of moving, passionate lyrics and memorable heavy metal.  It’s a style of metal that the world needs right now and BENEATH THE SKY are proud to deliver it for you.

Price: $9.98
Beneath The Sky The Day The Music Died CD comes with instant* digital download.
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1 Nature Of The Beast
2 True Friends Stab You In The Front
3 With A Gunsmoke Kiss
4 Misery With A Delicate Voice
5 Option For The Lonely
6 The Belle Of The Ball
7 It All Ends With A Smile
8 I'll Call This My Own
9 Respect For The Dead
10 Another Day
11 The Pursuit Of ???
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