Ill Nino

Epidemia CD

Known for their bilingual vocals and signature blend of Latin-influenced, aggressive modern metal, ILL NIÑO have been a pinnacle artist in their genre going into their 15th year as a band. ILL NIÑO have come this far due to their incredible work ethic, performing thousands of shows worldwide. ILL NIÑO have managed to mix the ferocity and melody of all five previous releases together creating the leanest, meanest and most beautifully violent album of their career. Drummer Dave Chavarri said “Epidemia has all the harsh elements and dark Latin rhythms that make ILL NIÑO ‘s Latin metal sound different in this genre of metal”
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1 The Depression
2 Only The Unloved
3 La Epidemia Watch Video
4 Eva
5 Demi-God
6 Death Wants More
7 Escape
8 Time Won't Save You
9 Forgive Me Father Watch Video
10 Invisible People
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