Various Artists

Straight Edge As Fuck Vol. 1 And 2 CD

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1 Shield- Kaleidoscope
2 Doughnuts- The Demon And The Desert
3 Situation 187- Hatchet
4 Abhinanda- All Of Us
5 AIM- Another Friday Night
6 Eclipse- Impasse Of Lies
7 Final Exit- Sing Along
8 Saidiwas- In The Ocean
9 Refused- Cheap...
10 No Reason For Anger- Function?
11 Separation- When The Day Comes
12 Purusam- Oceans
13 Drift Apart- Burning
14 Doughnuts- Self Destruction
15 Beyond Hate- I Refuse
16 Abhinanda- Remark Of Frustration
17 Solitude- Outside
18 Refused- Everlasting
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