A Hero A Fake

Volatile CD

Forming only four years ago, A HERO A FAKE have made quite an impression in their hometown of Charlotte, NC. The ambitious young band funneled all of their rage and emotions into the collection of songs that will appear on their debut, Volatile. A HERO A FAKE combine the ferocity and technical prowess of bands like BETWEEN THE BURIED AND ME and OPETH with the hooks and choruses of UNDEROATH, and create monolithic anthems for hard music fans everywhere. It’s a wall of noise that leaves the listener speechless and in total awe.

Price: $9.98
A Hero A Fake Volatile CD comes with instant* digital download.
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1 Superwoman
2 El Gigante
3 Un Bienvenido Descanso (Interlude 1)
4 Just Another Number
5 Altered Beast
6 F-16
7 Medieval
8 I Know I Watch Video
9 Sinfonia (Interlude 2)
10 Terminal
11 Burden
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