Awaken To The Suffering CD

In the summer of 2010 PATHOLOGY unleashed Legacy Of The Ancients, a gore-drenched assault oozing with vulgar filth which was equally esteemed by fans and critics. Despite several lineup changes and an unfortunate van accident, PATHOLOGY soldiered on, gaining more notoriety, and continued to spread their straightforward death metal alongside some of the biggest names in the genre since releasing their Victory Records debut.

PATHOLOGY’s roots in the underground American death metal movement run deep and will broaden even further with this summer’s vile follow up, Awaken To The Suffering. With explosive drums, thick and tight guitar work, and crushing vocals, PATHOLOGY once again aims to create a sound that is as dark and vicious as possible. Awaken To The Suffering delivers brutality from start to finish.
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1 Dissected By Righteousness
2 Ingestion Of Creation
3 Hostility Towards Conformity
4 Media Consumption Watch Video
5 Society's Desolation
6 Prolonging the Suffering
7 A Perverse Existence
8 Humanity's Cesspool
9 Festering In Filth
10 Opposing Globalization
11 Emises
12 Revocation Of Earth
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