Path Of Resistance

Can't Stop The Truth CD

THE PATH OF RESISTANCE makes history with Victory Records by releasing their first new album after nine years. Can't Stop the Truth is a testament to the state of the hardcore scene today, and an opportunity to inject passion and knowledge into a new generation.

For fans of Earth Crisis, Hatebreed, and Bury Your Dead.

Release Date: April 18, 2006
Price: $9.98
Path Of Resistance Can't Stop The Truth CD comes with instant* digital download.
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1 Can’t Stop The Truth
2 What Propaganda Hides
3 Against The Gale
4 Promethean
5 Into Emptiness
6 Haunted
7 Best Of My Best
8 Blood Trail
9 The Mission
10 Occulted Hand
11 At Full Strength
12 Intro
13 That Golden Day
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