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Victory Singles II CD

Finally six of our fine 7” releases are going to be digitized onto plastic and put on magnetic tape for all of you snobs who are too good to use your phonograph machines. Varios Artists: Victory Singles Vol. II combines hard to find classics previously unavailable on Compact Disc from SNAPCASE, HI FI AND THE ROADBURNERS, STRIFE, INTEGRITY, BLOOD FOR BLODD, and DAMNATION A.D.

Release Date: April 21, 1998
Price: $9.98
Victory Records Victory Singles II CD comes with instant* digital download.
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1 Snapcase - Crown Of Thorns
2 Snapcase - Comatose
3 Hi Fi And The Roadburners - Hurricane
4 Hi Fi And The Roadburners - Rocket To Mars
5 Strife - To An End
6 Strife - Grey
7 Integrity - Sarin
8 Integrity - Learn How To Die
9 Psywarfare - Decay
10 Psywarfare - Woodland Creature
11 Blood For Blood - I Am The Enemy
12 Blood For Blood - Redemption Denied Once Again
13 Blood For Blood - My Time Is Yet To Come
14 Damnation A.D. - The Mortal
15 Damnation A.D. - Hasn’t Happened Yet
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