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A Fistfull Of Rock N Roll Vol. 7 CD

The "A Fistful of Rock 'N' Roll" compilation series proves once and for all that there's still rock bands left on this planet that rock first and ask questions later. This history making comp is not only a veritable who's who in rock today but also features covers done by the finest of today's poster artists, pain-staking history of rock'n'roll liner notes by various writers and enhanced CDs that connect to all the bands on the series. With Volumes 1-6 already on the street, there is a huge consumer anticipation for this release. Each volume is chock full of variety with the brightest stars, the most up and coming, and some brand new kids on the block. If you're a rock fan that's disgusted with the mainstream or if you'd like a quick education in what rock music should sound like, then seek out this CD series and prepare yourself for a lesson you'll never forget.

Release Date: May 22, 2001
Price: $9.98
Victory Records A Fistfull Of Rock N Roll Vol. 7 CD comes with instant* digital download.
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1 The Donnas - I Didn’t Like you Anyway
2 Puffball - Matt Walker
3 Launderettes - I Wanna Jump Your Bones
4 Puny Human - The Stink Of Two Men
5 Push Rods - Bad Luck Charm
6 Adam West - Have Your Way With Me
7 Wonky Business - Miserable Miracle
8 Hellside Stranglers - Sin City High
9 Wonderfools - Teenage Fartbomb
10 Cherry Valence - 99
11 Gels - All I Want
12 Loudmouths - Fast Service
13 Blackouts - California
14 Panadolls - Pattersons Curse
15 Shut-Ups - Liar
16 Retardos - Burn In The Fire
17 Les Vipers - Dynamite Twist
18 Hellions - Do What I Want
19 Alabama Thunder Pussy - Mosquito
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