Shudder CD

BAYSIDE has charmed the critics, converted the skeptics and toured the world; pouring out their hearts and souls with every performance. They are this generation’s band of working-class, troubadour songwriters and story-tellers, and this is the record that will immortalize them for the ages. Shudder is the next chapter inthe BAYSIDE tale that takes the band and their fans into the next stages of life. It’s about growing up and moving forward into a new frontier that deals with personal growth, living life, trusting your friends and finding family where you thought you didn’t have any.

Price: $9.98
Bayside Shudder CD comes with instant* digital download.
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1 Boy
2 The Ghost Of St. Valentine
3 No One Understands Watch Video
4 What And What Not
5 A Call To Arms
6 I Can't Go On
7 Demons
8 Have Fun Storming The Castle
9 Howard
10 Roshambo (Rock, Paper, Scissors)
11 I Think I'll Be Ok
12 Moceanu
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