The Sleeping

Believe What We Tell You (CD/DVD) CD

The groundbreaking debut album featuring special bonus tracks and a bonus DVD with live performances, music videos, and more!

Forming after the break-up of Long Island hardcore band Skycamefalling, THE SLEEPING took the raw, post-hardcore guitar rock of Refused and At The Drive-In and layered it with a thick, organic rhythm section. They created a bounce and groove that made as many people dance as those who wanted to mosh. Believe What We Tell You is an envious fusion of forward thinking rock and melodic post-hardcore that completely defies any category and would be welcome in any record collection.

Release Date: February 6, 2007
Price: $9.98
The Sleeping Believe What We Tell You (CD/DVD) CD comes with instant* digital download.
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1 tune in
2 Sunday Matinee (Reel To Real)
3 Believe What We Tell You
4 Funus-Eris
5 The Big Breakdown - Day 1
6 The Big Breakdown - Day 2
7 If Your Heart Was Broken You Would Be Dead
8 One Flight One Flame
9 Broadcast Silence
10 Detonation: Paradise
11 15 On The Freeway
12 Fleet
13 tune out
14 One Flight One Flame (Demo)
15 Until The Night (Demo)
16 Sunday Matinee (Reel To Real) (Demo)
17 [DVD] Believe What We Tell You (Music Video)
18 [DVD] Making Of The Album
19 [DVD] Behind The Scenes: Making Of The Artwork
20 [DVD] Live Footage from The First Sleeping Show
21 [DVD] Live Footage Of Various Shows
22 [DVD] Bonus Hidden Exclusive Material
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