Corpus Christi

The Darker Shades Of White CD

For the past two years, CORPUS CHRISTI have made it their mission to translate their fast, melodic metal-core into a message that will inspire the listener. They have made a conscious effort to share the message that true faith is a reflection of hope. It is the foundation of what their new record, The Darker Shades Of White, is all about, and they are ready to share that message with the world. Regardless of one’s race, faith, background or social status, life can be very difficult. CORPUS CHRISTI wants to ensure their fans, that there is hope in a seemingly hopeless world. CORPUS CHRISTI is very proud to share this record with the public. It is a testament that faith and hope in a higher power is a universal attribute, regardless of what all of the world’s religions may agree or disagree with.

Price: $9.98
Corpus Christi The Darker Shades Of White CD comes with instant* digital download.
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