Sirens and Condolences CD

When BAYSIDE sings of devastation and betrayal in songs like How To Fix Everything and Guardrail, the emphasis is always placed equally on all parties involved. Honest self-examination, no matter how painful, brings a hope of redemption to these intimate, dark narratives of brooding and despair. I‘m ready to take that big step, start tearing off the layers I put up, or is it too late to be anything but what I am from How To Fix Everything is a telling lyric, as it illustrates the loathing of a broken, insular heart suddenly turning inward, and finding that the blame lies inside. Masterpiece begs a friend to Just accept yourself...find something that brings you closer to complete. Though their experiences in life have tested them, BAYSIDE has found a way to complete themselves through the writing of meaningful lyrics and beautiful melodies, accompanied by touring and the love of music.

Release Date: January 27, 2004
Price: $9.98
Bayside Sirens and Condolences CD comes with instant* digital download.
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1 Masterpiece Watch Video
2 Poison In My Veins
3 Phone Call From Poland
4 Talking of Michaelangelo
5 Alcohol and Alter Boys
6 A Synonym for Acquiesce
7 How To Fix Everything
8 Kellum
9 If You‘re Bored
10 Just Enough To Love You
11 Guardrail
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