Victory Records

Various Artists - Victory Video Collection Vol. 1 DVD

DVD includes:

Hatebreed- Before Dishonor
Snapcase- Typecast Modulator
Earth Crisis- Provoke
Burning Heads- Wise Guy
Grade- A Year in the Past
Strife- Blistered
Earth Crisis- Killing Braincells
River city Rebels- Hate
Shelter- Don't Walk Away
Catch 22- Hard to Impress
Grade- Seamless
Snapcase- Caboose
Shutdown- Few and Far Between
The Strike- Shots Heard 'Round the World
Strife- Untitled
Earth Crisis- Nemesis
Greyarea- Colossus
Electric Frankenstein- Blackout
Grade- Triumph and Tragedy
Strife- Through and Through
Guilt- Gamma
Hi Fi & the Roadburners- Get Up and Go
Cause for Alarm- Reflection
Doughnuts- Drowning
Baby Gopal- Lost Generation
Snapcase- Steps
Integrity- Systems Overload
Hi Fi & the Roadburners-What the Hell
Bloodlet- Cpai-75
Cause for Alarm- Lies
Refused- Rather be dead
Doughnuts- Feel Me Bleed
Warzone- The Sound of Revolution
Baby Gopal- Shiva
Hi Fi & the Roadburners- Fear City
Price: $14.98
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