Victory Records

Various Artists - Victory Video Collection Vol. 3 DVD


DVD includes:
Atreyu- Lip Gloss and Black
Count the Stars- Taking it all Back
Snapcase- A Synthesis of Glassic Forms
Darkest Hour- Oklahoma
A18- Brooke the Blue
A18- Dig
Freya- As the Last Light Drains
Glasseater- At Your Own Risk
Minus- Romantic Exorcism
Showhow Hollow- Kamloops
The Reunion Show- Television
Silverstein- Giving Up
River City Rebels- Life's a Drag
Snowdogs- Drive
Spitalfield- I loved the Way She Said L.A.
Ten Foot Pole- Armchair Quaterback
Waterdown- Xerox
Price: $14.98
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