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A Year In The Life Of: Victory Records VIDEO SAMPLER DVD

Yet another action packed DVD from Victory Records. This DVD includes some of the best videos to ever come out during the early 2005 era. With artists including Taking Back Sunday, Action Action, Bayside, Catch 22 and Darkest Hour, plus many more, A Year In the Life... is more than a bargain considering you will enjoy this for years to come. THIS IS A VICTORY RECORDS WEBSTORE EXCLUSIVE.

DVD includes:

Taking Back Sunday- This Photograph is Proof (I Know You Know)
Straylight Run- Existentialism on Prom Night
Hawthorne Heights- Ohio is for Lovers
Atreyu- Right Side of the Bed
Silverstein- Smashed into Pieces
Action Action- Don't Cut Your Fabric
The Black Maria- Betrayal
Bayside- Masterpiece
Aiden- Knife Blood Nightmare
Bury Your Dead- The Color of Money
Darkest Hour- The Sadest Nation
Martyr Ad- American Hollow
Spitalfield- I Loved the Way She Said L.A.
The Hurt Process- This Piece
Glasseater- Everything is Beautiful When You Don't Look Down
Catch 22- Wine Stained Lips
River City Rebels- Glitter and Gold
Between the Buried and Me- Mordecai
Scars of Tomorrow- Suffocating Words
A Perfect Murder- Time Bomb
Price: $7.99
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